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miscellaneous creations of language

Wall Street Journal letter-to-the-editor (April, 2001)
Although over two years old, this unpublished letter to the editors of the Wall Street Journal has gained renewed currency w/ the recent legal action by the RIAA against the users of Kazaa and other online file-sharing programs.

Collaboration Agreement (2003)
This document is linked from every page of this site, but it's worth showcasing here. This is a legal contract created in cooperation w/ the law firm Davis Wright Tremaine in Portland, Oregon. While seemingly a simple, mild-mannered contract on the surface, dig a little deeper and you'll find that it's actually a profound philosophical manifesto, embodying the crucial elements of collaborative artistic enterprise and, by extension, the very nature of cooperative human interaction and community. Whereas traditional "model release forms" strip away all rights except those of the photographer, this document affirms the rights of all the parties to any creative enterprise. The blatant use and dissemination of this document is strongly encouraged.

Best Man Toast, Felder Wedding (1991)
First Corinthians, the looooooong version.


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