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no suggestion of silence (2001)
no suggestion of silence is a cd of modern classical music composed by Perry Townsend. The design of the packaging is entirely that of Messrs. Iversen and Townsend, in addition to Mr. Townsend authoring the text and Mr. Iversen contributing key photography. Click here to view the liner notes and packaging in Adobe Acrobat format. The cd can be purchased from Capstone Records, at Amazon.com, or at any major music retailer.

Larry's Grab Bag of Audio Oddities
This isn't actually Iversen stuff, it's just some interesting audio files pulled from the Iversen Archives.

Larry's Grab Bag of Video Oddities
Like the audio oddities, a brief list of some things in the Iversen video cabinet that are rare or unique.

The Georgia font family
Again, not an Iversen creation. This is a font used by some of the pages on this site. If you have it, these words will all appear different:  TEST TEST TEST  If you don't have it, you can download it here and install it using your operating system's font installation procedure.


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