Ferocious Blue


larry's grab bag of video oddities

This is a catalog of some rare or completely unique video recordings residing in my private archive. I can't share these films publicly/indiscriminately because I am not the artist that created any of them, but if you're interested in something you see here, drop me a line and we can discuss them within the context of private use (as I understand the concept). My purpose in creating this page is to express my profound appreciation for these forgotten gems and help them obtain the wider exposure they deserve.

Ambient erotic video from the glory days (c. 1995) of The Vogue in Seattle, WA.

Independent film noir from Black Mariah Studios, founded by Catherine Constantinou and my brother, David Iversen.

Twice Upon a Time (the "college" edition)
The brilliant and controversial animated film featuring Ralph the All-Purpose Animal, Mum, the villianous Synonymous Botch, and a bewildering supporting cast and array of imaginary locations.


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