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Why These Galleries Exist
Larry Alan Iversen

The purpose of these galleries is to interest you in the work that I do.
My constant goal as an artist is to seek out new projects, new work, new collaborations, and new opportunities. I've created these galleries to communicate an impression of what it is that I do, and to foster interest in my existing work, and possibilities yet to be created. Such interest could take many forms. You may be interested in a physical rendition of something you see here. You may be interested in sharing this work with others. Or you may find the way I go about my work suitable to some as-yet unrealized new project. In any of these cases, it would be my pleasure to discuss my work with you further. To contact me, click here or anywhere you see my name on this site.

This site is not a distribution platform.
The web is not a suitable substitute for physical rendition. While computers are often exceptional image projectors, they are just as often not. They may be old, of poor quality, badly placed, or out of calibration. Even the best computers may not agree with one another as to how to render an image.

For this reason, I can't put a rendition on a website and have any real expectation that the experience you will get from it will be anything like the one I intend (or hope for, or at least imagine). The web is simply not a good enough medium for aesthetic experience. Therefore, I do not consider what you see here to be "my art." It is an idea of what I do. The web excels as a medium for communicating ideas, and that is the use to which I put it here.

Specifically, if you are viewing this site on a Mac, be advised that the gamma of the gallery images is calibrated to the Windows standard, and the images may appear brighter to you than I intend. Furthermore, if you are viewing this gallery on a computer that is limited to 256 colors (as is the case with many older computers, especially laptops), you will not get a very good impression of this gallery at all. Other factors may also effect your viewing experience.

Some images may not be considered work safe.
I attempt to create images that are challenging. Sometimes they are lyrical, sometimes shocking, sometimes downright inscrutable. I do not seek to offend gratuitously, and in fact I consider every image I have ever created to be a celebration of something beautiful. However, you should be advised that I create work with complete disregard for routine corporate standards of decency.



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